GMA Solar Panels | We Set the Bar for Solar Companies

An Established Brand Among Solar Companies Worldwide

When given the option to purchase a large quantity of solar modules from several solar companies, GMA Solar is a brand you can rely on. Our solar panels are manufactured with the highest quality components, allowing for maximum efficiency, power and functionality.

We introduce the new generation of solar modules. Providing more power by utilizing high efficiency solar cells. Ideal for off grid systems thanks to their robust design, proving reliable and demonstrating high quality performance in isolated areas. We establish the standard that solar companies compare themselves to.

Designed with efficiency in mind, our products maximize your investment. Our focus on exceptional quality provides you with noticeable results. We aim to tackle many of the internal and scientific factors that affect solar efficiency, such as reflectance efficiency. GMA Solar’s PV modules improve reflectance efficiency, reducing the amount of sunlight bounced off and being put to use. When deciding between GMA Solar panels and other solar panel providers, we believe our products will go above simply meeting your expectations and exceed them.

Products Zun Power Reliability

All our solar modules are manufactured according to UL and IEC standards, specific evaluations used among solar companies to determine production quality. Each solar module is passed through several strict quality control tests before and after the lamination process. One of the many tests include the Solar Cell and Module EL (Electroluminescence) Tester. The EL tester provides valuable information and the overall quality of the production process. EL imaging detects every hidden defect, ensuring an effective, accurate and high performance solar module.

Products Zun Power Flexibility

Our solar modules are designed to offer worry free use in the harshest weather climates. Our frame allows installation in multiple configurations, making an easy, safe and faster installation. The water drain holes prevent frame breakage due to freezing temperatures. Our products are made to endure the harshest environments possible while maintaining their functionality. When choosing from several solar companies, GMA is an established brand that you can trust.