Off Grid and Grid Tie Solar Panel Applications | Off Grid Power Systems and Grid Tie Uses

Our Solar Applications are Perfectly Adapted for Off Grid Power Systems and grid tie applications Wherever they may be Needed

Our new generation of solar modules provide more power by utilizing high efficiency solar cells. The advanced design of our PV systems significantly benefit off grid power systems thanks to their robust design. Our solar panels are proven to be reliable and perform to a high-quality standard in isolated areas.

Off Grid Solar PV Systems and Remote Power Generation

When the electricity coming from your utilities is unavailable or too expensive to use, Solar PV power systems are the best solution to generate your own power. Our off grid power systems can work anywhere independently. They are quiet and pollution free with reliable operation and minimum maintenance. An excellent way to provide power economically, investing in one of our off grid power systems benefits your finances and the environment.

Flexible systems that can work anywhere independently. GMA Solar’s PV systems are an excellent way to implement off grid power systems in any environment . Our frames allow for installation in several ways, allowing for a simple and safe set up. The roughest environments don’t affect the performance of our off grid power systems.

Off Grid Power Systems

Solar PV Grid Tie System

GMA Solar’s systems provide an exceptional level of efficiency and electrical output. We’re confident in the abundance of energy our solar panels provide, making them excellent for grid tie set ups.

There are several different FIT(Feed in Tariff) arrangements:

Generation Tariff: Your local utility company will pay you a set rate for each unit of electricity (KWh) you export to the grid. Usually power purchase agreements are signed for 20 years.

Net Metering: Your local utility company will pay or credit you the retail price for each unit of electricity you export to the grid. A bidirectional meter is installed which will measure the amount of energy taken by the customer and supply to the grid to determine the net energy used or supplied.

Solar PV Grid Tie System