Products Zun Power, Manufacturing The New Generation of Solar Panels in Canada

GMA SOLAR, A New Generation of Solar Panels in Canada

Products Zun Power are proud to introduce GMA SOLAR®, a new generation of solar panels in Canada for a cleaner planet. Providing more power by employing high efficiency solar cells, their outstanding energy yield enables our customers to maximize returns on investment. Our solar panels efficiently convert a significant amount of sunshine into usable electricity and output a high level of power. Not only are you making a return on your investment, you’re significantly contributing to a greener and healthier world.

GMA Solar Panels

We are manufacturers of premium solar panels in Canada. We use high quality components designed to withstand extreme outdoor temperatures prevailing in most parts of the world. Our products are made to endure the harshest environments possible while maintaining their functionality. If you’re looking for a product that functions well, no matter the situation thrown at it, GMA Solar panels are the top PV modules in Canada.

Products Zun Power Company is the only manufacturer of Solar PV modules in Quebec, Canada. We manufacture MONO and POLY Crystalline Photovoltaic modules ranging from 3W to 360W which are certified as per UL 1703 standard by CSA.

GMA Solar Panels in Canada
GMA Solar Panels in Canada

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Who we are

Products Zun Power company is a leading manufacturer of Solar PV modules. We are the only Solar PV module manufacturing company in Quebec, offering solar panels under our own brand name GMA SOLAR®. When businesses think about purchasing large quantities of high-quality solar panels in Canada, GMA Solar is the first name that comes to mind.

We are proud of our full automated state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities; with our flexible production lines, we can produce modules using four different technologies: Poly and Monocrystalline, Spherical silicon, CIGS and thin film amorphous ranging from 3W to 360W.

Products Zun Power go beyond simply producing solar panels in Canada. Our trustworthy and exceptional products are recognized not just by our many clients, but also by our solar equipment developer

GMA Solar Panels in Canada